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Physical Rehabilitation Center of Tulsa | Staff

5 star experience at PRC for physical therapy. I worked with Candice and she helped me get back to work.

Shelby C.

I highly recommend PRC for physical therapy. I received excellent customer service. I worked with Candice and she helped me tremendously. Desiree In the office was always so helpful as well.

Mary N.

I had a great experience with Candice. She was always fun and energetic which made me look forward to physical therapy.

Brad K.

I was in a car accident at the beginning of November and was referred to PRC by my chiropractor. Ashley was my therapist and I can truly say that I noticed a difference in my pain levels during my time there. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional as well as personable. During my last session, I was given a very detailed workout plan to use in the future. I highly recommend PRC to anyone who is in need of physical therapy services.

Jonathan P.

This place has a fantastic staff; I highly recommend PRC for your rehab needs!

Justin B.

Thank you Candice for your help.

Doris S.

Great expierence with great therapist! Thank you PRC!

James C.

I highly recommend PRC! Thanks for getting me better Candice.

James C.

Great experience with amazing therapist! Highly recommend!

Doris S.

I am able to sleep and wake up pain free due to physical therapy at PRC! I highly recommend.

James C.

Great experience at PRC. 5 stars!!

Doris S.

I had an amazing experience at PRC. Thank you Candice.

Shannon S.

I highly recommend PRC for physical therapy. I seen Candice and enjoyed working with her.

Mary M.

I give you a 5-star review. Candace is Great! I do feel stretched out by the time I leave and my back is much better shaped now. The facility is clean and the exercises are really helping. Again, Candace is awesome!

Jerry J.


Maddy H.

I highly recommend PRC for physical therapy! The facility was always spotless and organized. I worked with Candice and she always had the best attitude and kept a smile on her face, which made physical therapy more pleasant.

Jennifer G.

I'm back to golfing without pain. My back feels better and I'm sleeping again. Thank you Candice.

Jon S.

Ashley Dudley at PRC was extremely helpful at PRC this past spring when I was instructed to get physical therapy for my mid-back for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. She works with excellence and helped me to strengthen my back, back to normal. I would recommend her and the rest of the amazing staff to anyone needing therapy!

Jayne S.

My experience was very good, friendly staff, Candice was very through & worked very well with me & my needs.

Tommy C.

Candice is great she makes you a good kind of tired.

April D.

This is a very friendly and professional place for physical therapy and I wholeheartedly recommend this facility!

Julie M.

Quality help, highly recommend if you ever have any type of injury soreness; this is the place to get your help.

David M.

For severe back pain, which also affected my hips, I went to PRC for decompression using the DRX machine, and I also received therapy to strengthen my core. I am happy to report that my pain went from a 9 or 10 down to a 2 or 3. I was very pleased with my experience and results.

Joy L.

Everyone was very professional and caring. I feel 100% better thanks to their help & expertise. Thanks for everything!

Leigh R.

I am currently being treated at this place for an injury for the third time and each time I go I leave feeling stronger and better. I love the environment and the staff is always so helpful and kind. This place and the people inspired me to choose physical therapy as my field of study and future career.

Sydney L.

I've been doing physical therapy here going on my second month. The service is great the staff is super friendly. I work with Ashley; she is very attentive and super nice. I would recommend this service to anybody.

Kevin G.

It was a friendly...warm helped me a great deal..and the staff worked with my weird schedule..i would recommend them to my family..

Michelle S.

I highly recommend PRC. I had a great experience with Candice while working on my shoulder and back. The facility was always clean.

Maria C.

So grateful to find a place that actually helped after 2 bulging discs occured after car accident. Great staff, great equipment, never waiting. Thanks Brian!

Tonya W.

The facility is always spotless with nice equipment. Thank you Candice for all your help.

Melvin W.

I received amazing treatment and care from Amanda and Candice who are both so knowledgeable and personable! All of the staff is so friendly, I felt like the PRC was my home away from home!

Rebecca G.

PRC has the best equipment in town and the best therapist. I worked with Candice and Amanda and always received the best treatment. They are both pleasant and make physical therapy fun while helping me to get better.

Chris S.

I received great care from Amanda and Candice. I highly recommend.

Jon M.

I received amazing treatment from Candice at PRC Lewis. She was personable and always professional. I'm pain free and enjoying rec sports again.


I've never been to any kind of physical therapy before my shoulder surgery. I thought it was going to be a waste of time, I was so wrong! PRC riverside definitely took their job seriously, but also made it a comfortable experience. I could tell that they paid close attention to how my healing was going. Always felt like it was a one on one appointment. Worked with my busy schedule so that I could get the treatment that I needed. This is a place that I would recommend to anyone needing therapy. Super attitudes and a great place. They didn't pay me a dime to say these things, it's just how it is.... less

Brent B.

They helped me so much and always have smiles on their faces!

Alexandra P.

PRC is an excellent facility. Everyone works together to facilitate your healing and recovery. Felicia, Gloria and Andy have taken excellent care of me. I can feel my strength growing and was able to spend 5 days walking the streets of NYC without pain. I will recommend them to everyone.

Carla O.

The staff was very good at working me out. They encouraged me and were consistent at making sure I got all the work was a pleasure to come here and get therapy.they were patient with my abnormal work schedule. The staff was beautiful both inside and out. Great job!

Marvin L.

Very clean facility with great, knowledgeable staff!

Desiree M.

Felicia and Andy are amazing at the Riverside Clinic. I was able to get back to doing normal everyday activities I was unable to do before seeing them! I would recommend them to everyone I know! Great place and great people!

Ray M.

I wasn't looking front to rehabilitation, but your staff has changed my mind. Their all amazing, Candice has helped me tremendously. You'll really deserve 5 stars. Thanks!

Beau C.

Candice has been wonderful she has taught me a lot I feel much better thank you

Tammy B.

I go to the riverside location 3 times a week and I am always greeted by Gloria, Felicia and whoever may be working at the time when I come in. I feel so welcome and there isn't even thought of judgment from anyone. Even when it is busy there is no one forgotten about and I feel like everyone is a priority, myself included. The staff motivates and pushes me and believes I can do things I do not. I recommend PRC Riverside to anyone needing to get on the right track to being stronger.

Enrique S.

I was sent to PRC by my Dr. I'm so glad to have Felicia as my therapist. I can feel myself getting stronger and more like me.

Jeffrey S.

Riverside location with Andy, Felicia and Gloria is the best. They take the time necessary to help improve my core strength and reduce my headaches. No rushing...they allow you to take the time you need to complete each day's exercises and treatments. They are a blessing. Highly recommend!

Lisa S.

I was in an accident and needed to get some help. I went to the center and was helped by Candice. She was real nice and helped me a lot.

Dana M.

Everyone I have worked with is fantastic. They are personable and professional making you feel at ease from day one. I especially appreciate the concern they show for my wellbeing, never asking me to go outside my personal limitations.

Lauren G.

My PRC lady Candice is AMAZING!! Since day one of physical therapy, it's been very hard for me to do my exercises since I'm 38 weeks pregnant. She's very helpful and always makes sure the area was working at is clean and smells good. She's always polite and the facility is neat and organized. Good Job!!!

Shelby B.

Brian and Kirstn have been great therapists. They do not push me beyond my severe pain level. We are making good progress. And they are nice and easy going.

Janice D.

What can't I say about PRC? The physical therapists are professional knowledgeable and very caring. They have helped me tremendously! I would recommend them to all my friends and family, Kudos to them.

Barb M.

Therapists did a great job and my hand has greatly improved.

Cheryl W.

Really really love it here! Dr. Negley is very knowledgable and takes time to explain things to his patients. The whole staff is confident, attentive and friendly. I tell everyone I know that if they ever need any physical therapy that this is the BEST place to go!!

Debbie L.

i love this place for physical therapy. Everyone that works here is very professional and knowledgeable. The facility is very clean and neat!

Sarah D.

Excellent friendly staff who made the pain bearable and contributed so much to my improvement. Ashley and Taylor were very good coaches. I would recommend PRC to everyone.

Kathryn A.

Andy, Felicia and Gloria have greatly helped treat the effects of my leg lymphedema. I'm noticing real results including increased strength, decreased edema and improved balance. I highly recommend PRC to others seeking excellent care. They know just how to help you achieve your health goals.

Libby Y.

Ashley is awesome. She has helped so much with my low back pain and helped me with strengthening. I had been to PCP and was giving medications. Been to the chiropractor and it helped but just would not stay in place. I'm very thankful & been encouraged to get back into shape and to continue to exercise. Thanks again!

Carla M.

Candice is an amazing therapist, very informative and helpful with questions. I look forward to continuing my progress here at PRC.

Michael L.

Kirsten really did a fantastic job. Always smiling always attentive to my exercises and to what I would voice as my particular needs. I would recommend PRC because of her help!

Cynthia O.

Amanda and Candice are wonderful. I have been going to PRC for a calf injury. They have helped me so much. Each visit my calf is feeling better. They have treated me for several other injuries in the past. I recommended them to all my friends.

Karen W.

Had great experience at PRC

Claude S.

I had a wonderful experience at PRC. Ashley and Taylor helped me rehab my neck and back after having pain almost every day. Ashley was very organized and professional. She handled multiple patients with ease and was always prepared with your treatment and exercises. Her neck massages were the BEST! I highly recommend them!

Sandy L.

Candice and all the people at PRC make the therapy a wonderful experience! Thanks to all

Joe K.

What an awesome place. I was really out of sorts after my wreck and the PRC team got me back to my normal self. So thankful for Ashley and her commitment to her job. I absolutely recommend to anyone!

Rich G.

Great place! Helped tremendously! Bryan is awesome, very smart, knows his stuff !

Patricia R.

My experience at the Midtown location has been great. I appreciate the attention to detail and responsiveness to my particular needs. The exercises are challenging and evolve to take advantage of my progress and keep my improvement moving forward. Candice is professional and attentive, helpful and instructive. She ensures that I stay on task and complete the exercises properly, with proper form and motion. I am starting my second round of sessions and envision continued improvement. My only negative critique is the attention to detail of the front office staff.

Bryne Z.

This rehab at PRC has been very very good, the best I've ever experienced. Bryan has such a knowledge of anatomy and he knows where and how much to exercise his patients. I'll never see anyone else for therapy.

Faith S.

I love them they was very friendly

Rachel H.

I had an amazing experience with PRC! The PTA whom assisted me was amazing and was very knowledgeable of the field.

Amber S.

4 years ago I got into a car accident and it messed up my neck. I was recommended by a friend that this was the best physical therapy place and they were right! Everyone was so friendly and patient with me. Even though I was in pain from the accident it was actually very relaxing and I was never pushed farther than my limits. I would recommend PRC to anyone and everyone!

Carol W.

Prc is awesome, Felicia and Jamie are the best. Before I was diagnosed by Dr. Andy the back pain I was experiencing was literally controlling in a negative everything I did. I followed their program with help and support and in 5 weeks I turned the corner and the pain was almost totally gone. I highly recommend!!!!!

Keith P.

My experience at PRC was excellent! The staff is very friendly and helpful. They want you to get well quickly and really work with you to do your rehab properly and then to continue your exercises when you have finished your rehab. They truly care about your physical well being.

Greg W.

Very good experience with friendly and professional staff

Renee G.

This is my second shoulder surgery. This is the best rehab place. I was recommended to this place. This is a great place. Friendly staff knows there stuff, and I would recommend it to anyone. Love Ashley.

Barbara R.

Best place for physical therapy! Everyone is so nice. They do a great job & make you feel very comfortable! Would recommend them to everyone!

Theresa H.

This is such a WONDERFUL place to have treatment. Ashley is completely AMAZING she is always in a good mood makes my mornings some much better.

Solitaire C.

Great experience, the people working with you to get right really care about you. If anything ever happens I know where to come and send friends and family.

James C.

I have been a patient off and on for the last 15 years and have always had a great experience receiving physical therapy at PRC. The physical therapists are great!!

Jeanne M.

I came to physical therapy for back pain and it has improved. I have enjoyed the treatment I received that I can carry on with at home. I highly recommend PRC!

Opal B.

I had lower back pain and spasms and have received physical therapy at PRC for the last month. My pain is completely gone and I have improved with strength as well. The therapist and staff are amazing. Thank you, PRC!

Kenneth G.

The staff is awesome here very helpful with the healing. They make it very relaxing to do all they ask you to do. Glad I came here for therapy. I would recommend this place to anyone

Richard K.

I must say since I've been coming to PRC I can tell a great difference in my wounded body. Before starting my treatments here, I could not sleep at night because it hurt so bad to turn on my side, but since Candice worked on me I am very grateful as my body and neck feel so much better!

Frances N.

Candice was very professional and very attentive to my needs. In my estimation, she was the best therapist out there. Desiree was also very helpful and went out of her way to be nice!

Jim H.

Had Candice and she is very informative and helpful. No waiting out around. She gets u in and out. Had results within first week of going. Thanks.

Robert H.

Everyone at PRC has been extremely helpful, empathetic, and knowledgeable about my families care after our car accident. I would highly recommend PRC for your wellness care. The staff is excellent!

Latrice C.

PRC was my first experience with targeted therapy! The staff was very positive and welcoming. Ashley has helped me so much with strengthening my "core"! Thanks Ashley!!

Angela B.

The PRC physical therapy clinic was a great experience! Dr. Negley and Felicia and the whole staff do a great job at working with you to improve your injuries in an informative and fun way.

Daniel S.

My experience has been a good one . Candice has been very good. I can feel a difference and will continue with my exercises.

Teresa H.

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at PRC. The therapy helped my neck immensely!!! The staff is great!!! I highly recommend.

Diana F.

I am starting to feel like I did before they wreck. I can tell I am getting stronger and back to my old self. The staff is great and so easy to work with. I love the personal attention they always show me. Candice is the best!! She helps me achieve my goals without yelling or pushing me too hard. I wish I could keep coming and didn't only have a few weeks left. the staff make it feel like you are part of a family.

Michael C.

Very friendly staff......clean n comfortable environment..... Good experience, overall

Jacqueline B.

I had neck issues and they improved so much over the few weeks that I came here! Such a nice, clean, and relaxing environment

Sara D.

I'm so glad I was referred to this center. I had very little use of my right arm and never realized that I was favoring my left arm for everything. I worked with Kirsten who was wonderful. She was very professional, kind and gentle (even though the exercises were very challenging). She helped me to get my arm back where I could use it rather than just one and then made sure I knew what to do at home to continue my therapy after I left. Thanks so very much Kirsten for your help. The rest of the staff were all very kind and helpful too. Thanks to you all as well.

Amelia H.

I am feeling much better after starting here. Everyone is extremely kind and very professional. Very highly recommend!

Tony S.

Well trained PT's. Explained the procedures very well. Courteous well organized.

Ed M.

Candice's customer service skills are great and I highly recommend PRC for all your physical therapy needs!

Scott J.

My experience here at P R C has been more than expected! My pains are soooo much better in my neck and shoulder that I am just thankful to have such a great team of special people taking care of me. Thank you for your care and I would recommend PRC to all who need help thx again.

Beverly H.

PRC is a place where they genuinely. Are about you as a person and a patient. They not only want you to return to where you were previously but to exceed that with more strength than before and ways to keep the problem from happening again. You find yourself looking forward to your physical therapy appointments and they work with you to make sure you know how to do the exercises correctly and manual therapy for any motion deficits which is very important to me.

Patricia M.

This is my second time at PRC for physical therapy and I have had a great experience. The staff was great at working around my schedule. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Highly recommend!!

Jennifer H.

Thanks to Andy and Felicia from PRC Riverside, my elbow finally feels normal again! This place is great!

Ashley G.

PRC was great in working me through my shoulder and neck rehabilitation.

Jim V.

My experience with PRC was excellent! Each representative was helpful and the therapy I received helped me maintain a normal life again. I highly recommend PRC.

Sheena R.

They worked on my neck in 09 and was awesome. Came back for low back and have had an awesome experience feeling much better already thanks Candice.

Amber F.

I have had PT experiences in the past, and this was so much superior to prior experiences that I came back to get help with an old injury. I came first to rehab after foot surgery with excellent results. I was happy to spend time doing tasks and working with equipment not available to me at home. Professional yet congenial and pleasant interactions with staff. They know their craft and gave personal and cheerful attention while working with me.

Julia H.

Candace has been great. Very friendly and knows her stuff. The staff is very helpful and friendly as well. My shoulder feels great, and so much stronger. I would recommend PRC any day!

Donny I.

Amazing staff very friendly and also knowledgeable about what they are doing. Highly recommend this place to everyone needs physical therapy.

Sean Z.

Awesome staff, especially Ashley. Caring and professional facility.

Carol M.

This therapy experience here has been a good workout for me. My therapist Candice was great! She seems to be very knowledgeable about her job and made me feel comfortable during my sessions. I am very satisfied with everything.Joyce

Joyce C.

Candice and the staff are very knowledgable and have greatly helped me. I am appreciative of their professionalism. Candice and staff take time to explain the different exercises and have geared the exercises to my physical needs. I would highly recommend PRC to anyone seeking physical therapy

Cathy H.

Was in need of physical therapy related to cervical spine issues. Very impressed with the care that I have received. A very knowledgeable, professional and friendly group throughout. I have made significant progress. Andy, Felicia, Jamie and Paige are a pleasure to work with.

Gordon H.

The staff was very informative, knowledgeable and attentive to my care ,I have also improved as far as my physical activity. I've also lost 15 lbs in the three weeks I'm came.. #prc.

Matrice S.

I received physical therapy at PRC and it has saved my life!! My therapist Candice was very patient, knowledgable, and was passionate about getting me better. I was in severe pain in my back, hip and knee, and I could barely walk. I now am able to walk and enjoy weekend activities that I haven't been able to do in months. The facility is always clean and they have state of the art equipment. I highly recommend PRC.

Ann K.

This was my first time with physical therapy and the staff has been great. It has improved my neck and back far above what I expected. The staff goes out of its way to make the experience enjoyable.

Joel B.

Good progression during the month. Each exercise moderately harder than the next.

Stephen L.

Very quick professional place. The therapy they select for you will be exactly what you need to get back in shape.

Charles C.

Every person here has a great attitude and is always willing to help and answer questions. If certain exercises aren't working they will find alternatives. I highly recommend PRC!

Allison H.

Overall therapy went very well my Therapist Ashley is very helpful

Brian O.

Therapy with Ashley and the whole staff has been a very pleasant experience from the get-go. From the friendly smiles at the front desk, it is great. The therapy staff is Very Professional and caring. They take their tasks very seriously while still managing to bring a smile to my face. The exercises are always challenging and beneficial. All-around World Class staff and care.

Kevin D.

I had an awesome experience at PRC. The entire staff was great to work with and they also have a very friendly environment. They did a great job of helping me rehabilitate my knee after I tore my ACL. They were very professional and at the same time easy to talk to and work with. They were very encouraging and helped push me every day during my workout. I spent most of my time with Kirsten and PJ, but I worked with every staff member at PRC during my 6 months. I would recommend everyone to come here for any injuries. .

Bobby S.

I have had the best experience here. Staff is professional and friendly as well as knowledgable, When I began therapy for my frozen shoulder my mobility was almost nil, after several weeks I almost have full mobility with almost no pain, I highly recommend this place.

Mary E.

really loved it here every one is so nice and very helpful

Flor D.

Ashley was great to work with and I am very pleased with the results of my therapy. I dealt with 2 frozen shoulders for almost 10 months before coming here and never thought my mobility would return. It did! I would recommend PRC highly.

Kathy D.

They are the best. They helped me so much.

Brenda A.

PRC is a professional rehabilitation center that focuses on each individual's rehab needs. I recently injured my lower back at the L5 which caused severe pain from my sciatic nerve. I was treated by Dr. Tom Cate who subsequently recommended physical therapy to return me to normalcy. He recommended PRC whose staff has been nothing short of exceptional. Andrew did a complete evaluation of my whole body & range of motion and started me on a regimen to strengthen my lower back and hip muscles. Each of the therapists including Felicia, Jamie and Paige work with you one-on-one to achieve your goals.

Paul K.

Great people , very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful , would recommend to anyone.

Jeff H.

The treatment I received at the rehab center of Tulsa was a total success. I am able to experience a much greater range of motion and the pain I was experiencing is gone. This has been a great experience. Thanks

Steven H.

Excellent service! Candace has a passion for helping that is contagious. In fact, everyone there is committed to your well-being. What a wonderful place to become healthier!

Jeff M.

Very well run operation with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. The range in motion of my neck has improved considerably during the time I saw them. Andrea did a great job!

William D.

Great personal attention. Everyone there is professional and willing to listen and execute the best program for your injury. The atmosphere is enjoyable and clean. People there are amazing. Strongly recommend for services. Thanks, Andrea.

Robert V.

My experience at PRC has been great. I came in for physical therapy for my neck and it has greatly improved, and it was in bad shape. My therapist is amazing, friendly, personable, caring, and has amazing hands during the massage. The whole staff has been helpful and is very friendly. The facility is always spotless. I highly recommend PRC of Tulsa!

Teresa A.

I came to physical therapy for my knee and all the physical therapists were very knowledgable. The facility was extremely clean and the equipment was first class. The whole staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend PRC of Tulsa.

Katherine Y.

From my very first rehab session I could tell the staff was not only very knowledgable but also very friendly yet still professional. I came in with bad lower back pain and have seen noticeable improvements on a weekly basis. Would recommend to friends, family or anyone I know.

Nathan J.

Very pleasant facilities, staff very helpful my visits I rate it a 10 plus, Very enjoy

Carlos S.

Candace is excellent and very caring. I have been to PRC several times and go back whenever I need help because I know I will get the best treatment for my problem.

Joe W.

I appreciate the whole staff they are very professional and kind I would rate PRC a 5.

Jonathan B.

These guys have been great. My shoulder has improved dramatically and everyone has been professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Ashley worked with me most of the time and it was a very positive experience. She is knowledgeable and encouraging and has made this a much better experience than it could have been. I strongly recommend PRC to anyone who needs This service.

Randy T.

I chose to come to PRC for back issues I've had. Candice was fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Paul H.

I am very pleased as this is my second time to receive physical therapy at PRC. The therapist are fabulous at what they do and have helped me a lot.

Judy E.

I came to physical therapy following my third hip surgery and had great experience with my therapist getting everything back in order with my hip.

Orval P.

When I come to physical therapy I enjoy the workout I get and the therapists are very professional and do a great job, also I like the machine the Drx. I also think Candice is awesome and give great massage.

Carmen W.

This was my first experience in a physical therapy rehab and I am so impressed with everything about it! The people are all so welcoming and friendly and helpful. They are working on two areas with me, my back and left hip from two falls. I have scoliosis and osteoporosis and the ultrasound has been such a comfort. The therapist has been very kind and understanding with modifying my treatment due to my surgeries.

Ann L.